Losing concentration easily? 3 tricks to get it back

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“What was I talking about?”

A sentence I’ll easily say at least 5 times on the daily, and I know I’m not the only one. Losing concentration is easy to do, whether you’re at work, uni or simply trying to multitask a very important gossip sesh. 

… But it doesn’t need to be such a reoccurring thing. And really, it can’t be in such a fast-paced, get-it-before-it-goes world. We’ve got to be on our game, so here are 3 tricks to get that concentration back.


5 Reasons why adopting a cat will actually save you + GIVEAWAY

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I’ve always been a cat person. In fact, the main reason my partner and I bought a house was so we could have the furry animals running around with us… FACT!

We adopted Teddy and TinTin from the SPCA in early June, and couldn’t wait to bond with them (meet them here). Which got me thinking, these cats have impacted on our lives as positively as I hope we have to them, and although they’re literally running up the curtains as I write this, I cannot deal with how much I love them.

Styling your lounge for a cosy winter

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It’s pretty common knowledge that my partner and I are new to the property market – we can’t stop talking about it. It’s also common knowledge that having bought in Auckland, we’ve got to be smart with how we’re now spending our money.

We’ve been budgeting quite well these last four months, but that comes down to doing our research. So when Genesis Energy brought out their 12-month Happy Winter plan where you can save up to $250 off your home’s first power bill, we jumped at the opportunity to essentially get free power for a whole month in winter (we’re low usage with just the two of us)!

2016 Style Hacks: On trend and on budget


It’s pretty hard keeping up with decor trends these days. Why? Because what’s in vogue in homeware seems to change as quickly as fashion. In other words, a look you may be in love with one day, may be out of fashion the next so staying on trend while on a budget is near impossible…right? WRONG!

It’s all about working with what you’ve already got, and finding accent items that suit the trend of the moment. 2016 is all about three major decor trends – and they’re all soooooo good – so luckily for us, this little trick means you can wow with all three.