3 Tricks to wearing wide leg pants (no matter your size)


I remember getting a pair of wide leg pants more than 5 years ago – a staple in any girl’s new work wardrobe. They were light grey, high-waist (of course) and my favourite thing to chuck on. The only issue? I don’t think I was wearing them right.

Fast forward to 2016 and wide leg pants are showing up more and more in street style shoots, magazine pages and blogger Instagrams. Yay! Food for the soul in my eyes. Now it was time to bring back the wide-leg pant, and get a bit more educated on how to style them properly.

Want to be taken seriously? THIS is what you should be wearing


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A lack of confidence. It happens to the best of us, and always at the worst of times. It’s times like these when you need to rely on a bit of either liquid courage or a fabulous wardrobe.

There’s real power in wearing clothes you feel boss, sexy and comfortable in, so I’ve gathered my top style tips for gaining confidence on the inside and respect outside…

Want to be taken seriously? THIS is what you should be wearing

Shoes you can walk in:

Losing concentration easily? 3 tricks to get it back

Photo 10-08-16, 5 49 13 PM

“What was I talking about?”

A sentence I’ll easily say at least 5 times on the daily, and I know I’m not the only one. Losing concentration is easy to do, whether you’re at work, uni or simply trying to multitask a very important gossip sesh. 

… But it doesn’t need to be such a reoccurring thing. And really, it can’t be in such a fast-paced, get-it-before-it-goes world. We’ve got to be on our game, so here are 3 tricks to get that concentration back.


5 Reasons why adopting a cat will actually save you

Photo 27-06-16, 11 09 31 AM

I’ve always been a cat person. In fact, the main reason my partner and I bought a house was so we could have the furry animals running around with us… FACT!

We adopted Teddy and TinTin from the SPCA in early June, and couldn’t wait to bond with them (meet them here). Which got me thinking, these cats have impacted on our lives as positively as I hope we have to them, and although they’re literally running up the curtains as I write this, I cannot deal with how much I love them.