Do you have Imposter Syndrome? + How to get rid of it in 2017

Imagine this. You’re a self-taught photographer, and all your friends love what you do. So naturally you take the leap and quit the 9-5 in favour of this passion you’ve had for the past two years. Suddenly everything changes. You start to doubt your ability, and if you have the right to walk amongst the trained professionals, let alone if you have the right to charge for it.

Imposter Syndrome is exactly this: 
– You don’t feel deserving of where you are
– You question how you even got here with your current credentials
– You look inwards with the darkest part of your thoughts putting you down on the simplest thing
– You feel like an imposter, and it’s only time before you’re found out

How to wear red this summer

Nothing beats a bit of red lipstick to make you feel in charge of your life and pretty damn unstoppable – but it can’t just be me who finds wearing red lipstick in summer really really hard, right?

Sure, wearing red when it’s cold is an easy choice – the cherry on top to an amazing outfit of navy, khaki or maroon – but I find that whenever red comes out in summer, it’s instantly matched with a pinup themed outfit. Why?!

5 Rules for quick makeup application

There’s no denying that we’re all a little short for time in the mornings. If you’re anything like me (and of course you are), you’d much prefer those extra 10 minutes in bed than waking up to reality and starting your day.

Everyday routines should be easy and down packed, including the all important morning routine. With the launch of cult classic beauty brand, TheBalm® Cosmetics in New Zealand – whose brand is all about beauty in 5 minutes – it was only fitting to team up and teach you how to complete your makeup routine in 5 minutes flat.

Christmas Gift Guide for your pets

So you want to include your pets in the Christmas celebrations this year? This is something I 100% approve! With this being the first Christmas we have with our kids (Teddy and TinTin – meet them here) we’re planning on going all out.

I’ve teamed up with Fancy Feast to deliver the best Christmas gifts this side of town, for your cat or dog. Fancy Feast will be a big part of Christmas morning for us here, as we’re planning on treating the kids to a Fancy Feast Inspirations pouch. I mean, if we’re indulging on the day, why can’t they?