Rose Gold Hair using Kerastase Reflection Touche Chromatique

So since I’ve gone back to being blonde (correction: SUPER blonde) I’ve been able to play around with colour. YAY! So back in the day I was every bright colour under the sun, however this time it’s all about the subtle but cute hues. To get a gorgeous rose gold look I used the new Kerastase Reflection Touche Chromatique toners in red and copper on my freshly bleached hair. They’re really easy to use at home and will last for 6 weeks. See how it went below… Thanks to Kerastase for gifting me this product 

7 Skincare tips for your 20’s

20’s skin can be really hard to handle. For one, you think you’re done with acne right? Nope, it’s here to stay another decade if you don’t know how to look after it. Then you have everyone telling you to start buying anti-aging products or worse, try botox before the signs of aging occur. When really, in your 20’s you just want to be looking great and having fun. 20’s skin is all about being clear and plump, all the while future proofing for the years to come. Over the past 8 years, I’ve had both good and bad experiences, to be able to come up with a tried and tested list of things you should be doing in your 20’s. Here is my list of… 7 Skincare tips for your 20’s [ See below for an amazing Shiseido skincare giveaway ] Stop touching your face: This one is…

This one trick will clear your skin right up

Adult acne and blemishes. Definitely a thing. Even with eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and washing your face twice a day (yes, I said twice), you can’t help but notice blackheads, whiteheads, and those annoying bumps in your T-zone that just won’t go away. I’ve tried my hand at peels, and have nearly cried in the process (blackhead charcoal ones can seriously get out of my life), Whilst they are great at getting rid of noticeable sebum right then and there, they don’t help in the long run… And I’m not doing them ever again. So, how do you get rid of all kinds of blemishes and clear your skin right up? Easy! Let me introduce you to something we like to call Oil Cleansing. [ Scroll below for an amazing Moisture Mist giveaway for you to WIN ] This one trick will clear your skin right up…

6 Easy lifestyle changes for a happier YOU this winter

Oh I hear ya! Making big lifestyle changes, especially over winter? Bleh!! That’s why I’m here to give you six EASY and quick lifestyle changes that all work together to ensure you stay happy this winter. I’m not here to muck you around and insist you take up a yoga class in order to find true happiness, oh no! But with the below, you may find peace and clarity to rock every day with your best boots on!! I’ve teamed up with the fantastic team at Nutters (available from Countdown nationwide) to deliver… 6 easy lifestyle changes for a happier YOU this winter [ Scroll below for an amazing Nutters giveaway for you to WIN] 1. Start your day off with a stretch: Ever find it really hard to wake up in the morning? Oh, you are preaching to the choir!!! Well, add a super chilly Monday morning to…