2017 Perfume Edit for 20-somethings

Perfume for Christmas? Yip, it’s a safe option that offers you that little boost of luxury (cause we can’t all have it through the year) under the Christmas tree. So what do you look for though? Well, that totally depends on your personality along with preference, however I thought “Hey, I’m in my 20’s, maybe I could put a list together of my faves”. So if you like anything floral, sweet and/or sultry, have a look, pick YOUR fave and give your partner a subtle nudge (see: whack). Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré (RRP $154 50ml): Everyone knows Juicy Couture, but did you know it could get even sweeter? YUM! If you’ve always been a fan of the Viva La Juicy range, you won’t be disappointed with this. Think top notes of Mandarin and Red Currant, Orange Flower and Almond Cream (like macarons!!) in the middle, and topped off with…

3 Tricks for voluminous waves without the frizz

You always want what you don’t have, right? I’ve always had pretty straight hair naturally, and although many would kill for this, I desperately wanted thick, wavy hair growing up. Fast forward to 2017 and I can achieve exactly this thanks to advanced styling products, but every win comes with compromise, and what did I have to take with this hair I wanted so badly? Frizzy unmanageable hair. With summer coming up (and a trip to the islands), I decided enough is enough and I’d rather not look like Monica (Friends) before she got those sweet corn rows. Sebastian Professional had just brought out their Twisted range (for those with curls, or who want curls) and I needed to get it in my hot little hands. Just like that, a beam of light appeared from the ceiling like some kind of divine intervention, and I was greeted by Brad Lepper…

Skincare saviours when you’re sick

Story time!! I finally caught a cold last week (seriously, it’s been trying to catch me all year), and apart from it stopping me from going to the gym (where did my energy go?!) the thing I found most annoying is how dehydrated my skin was getting. Honestly, like a sponge! So instead of letting it take over like I would normally do, I thought it was the perfect time to trial some products made perfectly for dehydrated skin. I put all the bottom products to the test together, and found that my skin has bounced back really quickly from being sick (a godsend if you ask me). So these are my skincare saviours when you’re sick…  1. Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser: Made with dry and/or sensitive skin in mind, this cucumber infused gel-to-foam cleanser doesn’t contain any soap or sulfate so it’s not stripping your skin of any good…

Rose Gold Hair using Kerastase Reflection Touche Chromatique

So since I’ve gone back to being blonde (correction: SUPER blonde) I’ve been able to play around with colour. YAY! So back in the day I was every bright colour under the sun, however this time it’s all about the subtle but cute hues. To get a gorgeous rose gold look I used the new Kerastase Reflection Touche Chromatique toners in red and copper on my freshly bleached hair. They’re really easy to use at home and will last for 6 weeks. See how it went below… Thanks to Kerastase for gifting me this product