A/W ’18 Colour Palette: Warm tones

Autumn. You know how to dress for it, but do you know what colours you should be looking out for? I’m going to help you, so that update of woolen sweaters is a little more groundbreaking than usual. Let’s get into it… Top to bottom: Glassons Orange -Fade Sunglasses Glassons Bookworm Tee Missguided Orange Polka Dot Blazer & Shorts Top to bottom: River Island Check Coat Daisy Street Trucker Jacket Cotton On Free Tilly Trainer Top to bottom:  Lost Ink Red Flower Shoes  Glassons Drop Long Sleeve Top Cotton On Tara Wrap Tie Top Nike Archive Reverse Sweatshirt 

5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity

Just when you thought summer was offering up the GOODS, we’re reminded of summer’s personality trait that makes us quite uncomfortable – Humidity. Ugh! It’s the worst! Even if you love summer, you cannot tell me you love feeling sticky and sweaty for no reason? I save that feeling for the gym! So during this nasty time of the year, what can you do to feel just that little bit cooler and more comfortable? I’m here to tell you! 5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity Watch your fabrics: Seriously, do you know what you’re wearing? Check yo’ labels and stay away from anything synthetic. It’ll just betray you by sticking to your body. Your best friends will be cotton and linen with humid conditions because they’re natural, breathable fabrics. [Shameless plug] If you’re looking for some cute 100% cotton tees, check out my newest business, Lucky Girl. Check your style:…

How to rug up without losing your shape this winter

Winter. The most troublesome time to shop for a short girl. Why? All the latest trends are fantastic in theory, but the moment you chuck a chunky knit turtleneck over your head, where are you in there?! I know it’s not even short girls these days, with so many winter trends being all about looking wrapped up and super cosy. As a fashion blogger you need to be able to adapt your wardrobe and everything you wear to what makes you warm, feel good, and not lose your shape. But how do you rug up without losing your shape this winter? I’ve refined the four below tricks myself, and tested them on all shapes and sizes (thanks, friends) to ensure they are the best of the best! Happy styling! [ See below for how I’ve styled the latest affordable fashion offerings from The Warehouse ] How to rug up without…

3 Tricks to wearing wide leg pants (no matter your size)

I remember getting a pair of wide leg pants more than 5 years ago – a staple in any girl’s new work wardrobe. They were light grey, high-waist (of course) and my favourite thing to chuck on. The only issue? I don’t think I was wearing them right. Fast forward to 2016 and wide leg pants are showing up more and more in street style shoots, magazine pages and blogger Instagrams. Yay! Food for the soul in my eyes. Now it was time to bring back the wide-leg pant, and get a bit more educated on how to style them properly. I’ve teamed up with Farmers as one of their SS16 Fashion Ambassadors, to get an injection of floaty, structured, ‘boss’ wide legs into all of our (yes, that includes you) wardrobes – and ensure they stay there! As I hinted above, there’s a right way to wear this trend,…