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How to: 365 Project

[youtube_sc url=”” autoplay=”1″] You see people posting photos daily to their Instagram or Facebook, and you think “she’s right, that is one cute cat but why is she taking a photo of it everyday, is it sick?” No people, it’s just a cute cat that deserves to be recognised for said cuteness every day of the year. This is a form on 365 project, but it seems this girl got quite specific with her theme. I completed 365 project for 2013 successfully (see above), with my theme being 23-years-old and hopefully fun loving and carefree. I came to realise that being 23-years-old involved many a selfie, hair colour change and photos of my cat. I kept the theme nice and broad I feel, but you can choose to get intimate with 365 selfies, 365 meals, or do the cat thing I so easily sold to you above. Why do 365…

Ruby Thoughts: Slow-Motion Moments

We’ve all heard about your life flashing before your eyes when put in imminent danger, but what about your life slowing down when a huge moment passes you? A game changer you could say. My first ‘slow-motion moment’ happened during my second year of university. The elevator doors swung open, and there I was greeted by the guy that I was going to spend the next four years with. A moment that fills my heart, a moment that I will never forget, a moment that most definitely passed. So here I am in the present day, getting through the breakup phase four months down the track. I’m feeling strong, independent, a tad sexy in my newly purchased lingerie (that’s another story – I think I have a problem), and what happens? My second ‘slow-motion moment’ hits me like a heat wave. Yes, it did involve a boy, No I won’t…

How To Actually Make 2013 Your Year

A lot of people say that this year is theirs. Maybe 2012 was a little shit for them and they’re wanting to turn this around, or maybe it’s just the alcohol and good cheer speaking. Either way, we’re not living in a movie so opportunities may not fall at our feet. Take action and make something of yourself this year with some of these helpful hints… 1. Decide what you want to do for yourself It may be something small, and that’s just fine. Improving your photography skills, being kind to people, changing the way you eat. Or it may be something gigantic. Changing the way you perceive the world, starting a new career, transforming your body into Heidi Klum’s. Whatever it is, it has to be something you want to do. Don’t jump on the bandwagon to healthy eating if your bestie is doing it, do it because YOU…

Don’t Forget: Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, don’t forget. It’s not all about fancy gifts (Gosh knows I don’t have the money for it anyway), it’s about letting mum know you love her and she will always be the #1 lady in your life. Naww. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. I know you will disagree, but you look fab in this piccy!