You’ve clicked here for a reason!

Lacking that self-belief, self-love, or just a little guts?

Lack of confidence and self-belief is what holds many of us back from having the life we want. And that’s fucking lame!

So, let’s change that… Together!

What am I creating?

A fortnightly Instagram series where we look into a proven tactic to boost self-confidence, and go forward to test it out as a community.

How is it gonna work?

I’ll go LIVE on Instagram every Sunday night to check in with you all. What’s the experiment, how’s it going (weekly check-in), and what did we actually all think about it. I’ll also arm you with templates and prompts throughout the fortnight so we can ensure we’re held accountable to trying it, and we’re giving it our all.

Why am I doing this?

Self-confidence is something I’ve really struggled with in the past, and I’m constantly working on as I get older. I’ve spent time researching and testing tactics recently, so why not open that up to my audience? Instagram should be a platform where we connect, learn and grow, and currently there doesn’t seem to be much of that going on – In fact, the ol’ Insta isn’t that great for some of us and our self-esteem. I want to change all of that, and create a space where we can all grow together.

So, are you in? 

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