Yip, it’s cold. Wedding season (typically November – March) has been extended over the last few years through to May, but it’s cold already. So, what do you wear as a guest? I’ve got you covered…

1. Thessy Dress by Petal and Pup ($79.95AUD)
2. Blue Leopard Maxi by Missguided ($110.95NZD)
3. Romance at Heart Dress by MVN ($119AUD)
4. Grey Silky Shift Dress by Missguided (77.95NZD)
5. Satin Shift Dress in Floral Print by Chi Chi London ($143.18NZD)

6. The Hidden Maze Dress by MVN ($99AUD)
7. Peace and Love Sequin dress by Missguided ($330.95NZD)
8. Bird and Floral Embroidered Shift Dress ($165.21NZD)
9. Playful Mini Dress by Talulah ($260NZD)
10. Sequin Stripe Dress by Honey Punch ($49.56NZD)

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