February is one of those months that can just fall apart for everyone. Sure, it’s summer. Yeah, you just came back from a brilliant New Year’s holiday. But something just isn’t right.

February is the month where you fall back into routine, and if you made NY’s resolutions that you haven’t stuck to, this is when you get really hard on yourself for it. To add salt to the wound (and probably the reason you’re feeling this way) everyone around you seems to be smashing their goals; scoring new jobs, getting engaged, going on their OE.

Gah! Life sucks sometimes. But it’s times like these you need to go back to basics, in order to get back on track. So firstly, “it’s all good girl”! And secondly, here are my…

6 Easy Ways To Look After Yourself This February

Work out

This may sound like an obvious one, but getting into the routine of working out is amazing for your mind and body. After a couple years of on-and-off home workouts, I’ve finally been pulled along to the gym with my BF. I thought I would hate it, but I’m really trying hard, working up more of a sweat than usual, and completely blocking out work and home life while there (it’s hard to concentrate on much more when you’re doing overhead squats, right?). I’ve found that buying new gym clothes has helped me to get into it also (any excuse), and recently got some sweet threads from the boohoo FIT range.

Fact: I read zero books last year. Terrible! So this year I’ve made a goal to get through just 10 books (super not hard!). Well I’m already a couple books in, and love how relaxing it is. My ultimate girl books include #girlboss, Down The Rabbit Hole, and The Time Traveller’s Wife. Tuning out and reading about someone else’s life (fiction or non) can always put your own in perspective. I much prefer downloading them to my iPad, so I can read at any time of the night.


Go on… I said you can. There is nothing a good amount of retail therapy can’t fix, right? Well, not really, but a little won’t hurt. My top tip for the year: Invest in classic pieces (white shirt, black dress, evening coat), and buy affordable when it comes to current colours and trends. As an example, a couple of weeks ago I bought this dress in… Olive. Yes, I love black, but it is so affordable I could easily wear it in olive for this Autumn/Winter and still get my money’s worth. Boom!

Get into something comfy 
Okay, I’m not just talking loungewear (though I’m sure I could be an ambassador for chilled clothes). I think that summertime is comfy time; wear clothes that are light, not tight, and make you feel great. I love shirt dresses for summer, and can’t go past a classic pair of shorts and a tee. I also think it’s important to wear your right size. I’m carrying a little more at the moment, so have gone up a size in pants. It took me a while to get over it, but wearing a size up fits nicer and looks soooooo much better!

Be kind to yourself 
This is my favourite saying EVER. If you’re going through a shit time (yeah, I said it), don’t beat yourself up more by staying on a strict diet and schedule. If that chocolate bar is going to stop you from having a breakdown, then EAT IT! If you cannot get up to go to the gym three times in a row, take a day off. It’s all going to work out fine, but in the meantime your health and happiness is so much more important than these little details. Once you’re ready, get back into your routine.

Re-set goals and focus on them 
Yes, NOW is the time to reset those goals. I’ve got you sorted with the last 5 tips, so now it’s time to move forward and put yourself first. Quit that job, save that money for your OE, or ditch that dropbeat guy! When setting new goals, make a plan of attack for each week so it doesn’t seem so daunting, and reward yourself when you reach new goals – This could simply be by having the girls over for a “wine and whine”, and not counting those calories. I won’t tell!


This Sunday Feb 14th, forget about Valentine’s Day and get your girls together for Galentines Day. It’s time we support each other a bit more, and help reach those goals together… A lot of the time we all have the same goals anyway! Boohoo have you sorted for all your activewear, going-out pieces, and fast fashion to help along the way.

What goals do you have and have can you reach them? Tell me in your comments below… 

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