A true friend would never tell you not to eat that chocolate, and today I am a true friend. Plus, if I were to tell you to slow down I would be a hypocrite, because that shit will be coming out of my veins this Easter… I’m just making sure to be 1. Aware of it, and 2. Balancing it out with all the good stuff my body still needs.

So how do you binge ‘consciously’ over Easter? I have three quick and easy steps that won’t have you paying for it by ways of gym gear and running… Bleh!

  1. Up your fluid intake

I’m serious, you will need to drink more water in order for your body to stay happy over this time. Sugar dehydrates you, and you will be consuming a lot of it. The way I see it? If you plan on getting through a whole Easter egg while watching Weekend at Bernie’s, you better be drinking a whole bottle of water with it.

  1. Don’t skip meals

It’s depressing to say, but chocolate is unfortunately not considered a meal. Now you could take this as a challenge, but skipping meals in place for chocolate is honestly going to make you feel so shit. Been there, done that, eat a carrot!

How to binge consciously this Easter

  1. Treat your body in other ways

Make sure you’re getting something as simple as fresh air and sunlight over this period, and your body will love you for it. 10 minutes every couple of hours (between movies during that marathon, right?) will do you the world of good. Vitamin D (from sunlight) is fantastic for naturally boosting your mood. Even though I know you’re feeling so happy with that Lindt bunny in your hot little hands right now, it’s worth getting those rays so your body feels happy and content too.

BONUS (for the serious choco consumers): Sacrifice one of these

If you’re planning to absolutely go to town on chocolate this Easter, hats off to you. What I’m suggesting (and planning to do, myself) is to eliminate/sacrifice one of the following: Chocolate, takeaways or drinking. If you do all three, your body is going to be suffering well after Easter has been and gone. Even better, if you can just do one of these, you’ll be bouncing back in no time. I’m seeing it as completing a degree: Chocolate will no doubt be my major, with a minor in takeaways.


The thing about binge eating is being aware of it and only doing it if you REALLY feel like that chocolate, rather than eating because it’s there and your diet has to start back up come Tuesday. Keep this all in mind and you’ll be feeling much better once the holiday season is over.

Are you guilty of eating all the chocolate over Easter? Make a pledge below that you’re going to take on board these quick and easy tips. To the sisterhood of chocolate! 

How to binge consciously this Easter

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