There’s always something to look forward to in September. Down here in New Zealand, September introduces spring and we all know how amazing that makes everyone feel (even a snow bunny like me). To welcome in the warmer months, a few super summery items have crossed the Ruby Fearless desk, and I’m more than happy with them. Here are my favourites for September…


The Blistex range: 

Blistex isn’t anything new. It’s a great brand that many trust for keeping your lips moisturised, and is a staple handbag item during the summer months. Blistex protects against sun, wind and cold (all factors that can make lips dry and cracked in the space of a few hours), and it’s not just for girls in those summer months, my boy carried Blistex in his snow jacket down in Queenstown this winter. Pick up from pharmacies and supermarkets.

malteaser-slice-recipeHigh Tea With Dragons’ Malteaser Slice Recipe: 

I am legit eating one of these while I write. We had a housewarming to go to on the weekend that asked us to bring a plate. I’m all about your simple sausage rolls, filled sandwiches, mini pies most of the time, but this time I felt like something different. We needed a recipe that didn’t take too long, didn’t require too many ingredients, but had the ‘wow’ factor.

Cue the yummiest, no bake slice recipe from my favourite food blogger, High Tea With Dragons. Kristen has an array of recipes, and a backlog of baking knowledge on her blog, but the Malteaser Slice was the winner on the day. Check out the recipe here, and please make it for yourself. We made two lots in the space of 30 minutes, and it was gone in the same amount of time!

lindauer-summerLindauer Summer: 

Made in Gisborne, this sparkling wine is summer in a bottle. Appropriately named, right? Indulge your taste buds in the exotic flavours of Gewurztraminer and aromatic grapes, and let this limited release welcome the most awaited season of the year. Floral, citrus and sparkling with spicy aromas. Bring along to BBQ’s, add to wedding reception tables, or see in the new year with this in hand #HELLOSUMMER

how-to-be-parisianBook – How to be Parisian wherever you are: 

This book is on many bloggers’ radars, and for a good reason. How to be Parisian wherever you are is written by four fabulous, smart, savvy French women offering up their highly amusing insider take on Parisian life, love and liberty. It’s a smorgasbord of small tales, photography and brutally honest information. One to absolutely read in your twenties and thirties, and always be kept on your coffee table for guests to enjoy.

Some of my favourite snippets:

“What you will not find in her closet: Logos. You are not a billboard.”

“How to spend a Parisian Day: Never change your shoes – even if it means suffering on the Metro in five-inch heels.” 

“Ancestral Tips (we never forget our roots): Newspapers are the perfect rags for cleaning windows, and they’re more eco-friendly than paper towels.” 

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