5 Tips for starting a side-biz in your 20’s

There’s something about a new year that gets you thinking about what you’d like to achieve. For some, the idea of creating something is exciting. For others, wanting to get the hell out of their job is the driving force. And for a lot? Well, maybe you’re not 100% sure, but you know you want something more. Fair enough, I’ve been there with all three. So who the hell am I? I’d say I’ve definitely been a bit of a ‘side-hustler’ in my 20’s. I started this blog 7 years ago, I’ve done freelance content marketing on the side for the last 8 years, and then in 2018 I started and successfully ran my first product-based business, Lucky Girl. My side-businesses have gone from pocket-money, to full time income for one (with the other two still on the side), and the intention that my passions will pay for my wedding next year. Cool, eh?!…

15 Ways to motivate yourself to success

You clicked on this post for a reason, and it’s been written with yourself in mind. So to start with, a little about me. This year I’ve become an expert life juggler, taking on double my workload (including starting a small business from scratch), and still maintaining a house, a relationship, and enough sleep to get me through… JUST! Motivation was and continues to be the #1 driver to keep me going, and at times I’ve had to find it in some weird places. I know I’m not the only one that needs this, so I teamed up with L’Occitane to deliver my tried and tested top tips for motivating yourself to success. Success is something I’m super thirsty for, so if you are too, check it out… 15 Ways to motivate yourself to success 1* Get your space looking good: Whatever conditions work best for you, make your space…

Dresses fit for an Autumn wedding

Yip, it’s cold. Wedding season (typically November – March) has been extended over the last few years through to May, but it’s cold already. So, what do you wear as a guest? I’ve got you covered… 1. Thessy Dress by Petal and Pup ($79.95AUD) 2. Blue Leopard Maxi by Missguided ($110.95NZD) 3. Romance at Heart Dress by MVN ($119AUD) 4. Grey Silky Shift Dress by Missguided (77.95NZD) 5. Satin Shift Dress in Floral Print by Chi Chi London ($143.18NZD) 6. The Hidden Maze Dress by MVN ($99AUD) 7. Peace and Love Sequin dress by Missguided ($330.95NZD) 8. Bird and Floral Embroidered Shift Dress ($165.21NZD) 9. Playful Mini Dress by Talulah ($260NZD) 10. Sequin Stripe Dress by Honey Punch ($49.56NZD)

5 Tips to feel more confident in your gym gear

Whether you’ve been going to the gym for a while or you’re thinking of starting out, confidence plays a MAJOR part in what exactly you get out of it. In fact, it’s proven that if you don’t feel confident in something, your chances of getting your A into G and doing it is small. I don’t want that for you, especially when it’s something that over time we can fix. Now I’m no expert when it comes to confidence while working out (“am I doing it right?”), but what I have had experience in is clothing, and too many stories of times where I’ve felt inadequate, and times where I’ve felt like an absolute boss, all because of what I was wearing – Seriously. I put a call out to my Instagram community to see if they feel confident in their gym gear, and although 46% said yes (get it,…