Dresses fit for an Autumn wedding

Yip, it’s cold. Wedding season (typically November – March) has been extended over the last few years through to May, but it’s cold already. So, what do you wear as a guest? I’ve got you covered… 1. Thessy Dress by Petal and Pup ($79.95AUD) 2. Blue Leopard Maxi by Missguided ($110.95NZD) 3. Romance at Heart Dress by MVN ($119AUD) 4. Grey Silky Shift Dress by Missguided (77.95NZD) 5. Satin Shift Dress in Floral Print by Chi Chi London ($143.18NZD) 6. The Hidden Maze Dress by MVN ($99AUD) 7. Peace and Love Sequin dress by Missguided ($330.95NZD) 8. Bird and Floral Embroidered Shift Dress ($165.21NZD) 9. Playful Mini Dress by Talulah ($260NZD) 10. Sequin Stripe Dress by Honey Punch ($49.56NZD)

5 Tips to feel more confident in your gym gear

Whether you’ve been going to the gym for a while or you’re thinking of starting out, confidence plays a MAJOR part in what exactly you get out of it. In fact, it’s proven that if you don’t feel confident in something, your chances of getting your A into G and doing it is small. I don’t want that for you, especially when it’s something that over time we can fix. Now I’m no expert when it comes to confidence while working out (“am I doing it right?”), but what I have had experience in is clothing, and too many stories of times where I’ve felt inadequate, and times where I’ve felt like an absolute boss, all because of what I was wearing – Seriously. I put a call out to my Instagram community to see if they feel confident in their gym gear, and although 46% said yes (get it,…

5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity

Just when you thought summer was offering up the GOODS, we’re reminded of summer’s personality trait that makes us quite uncomfortable – Humidity. Ugh! It’s the worst! Even if you love summer, you cannot tell me you love feeling sticky and sweaty for no reason? I save that feeling for the gym! So during this nasty time of the year, what can you do to feel just that little bit cooler and more comfortable? I’m here to tell you! 5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity Watch your fabrics: Seriously, do you know what you’re wearing? Check yo’ labels and stay away from anything synthetic. It’ll just betray you by sticking to your body. Your best friends will be cotton and linen with humid conditions because they’re natural, breathable fabrics. [Shameless plug] If you’re looking for some cute 100% cotton tees, check out my newest business, Lucky Girl. Check your style:…

This one trick will clear your skin right up

Adult acne and blemishes. Definitely a thing. Even with eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and washing your face twice a day (yes, I said twice), you can’t help but notice blackheads, whiteheads, and those annoying bumps in your T-zone that just won’t go away. I’ve tried my hand at peels, and have nearly cried in the process (blackhead charcoal ones can seriously get out of my life), Whilst they are great at getting rid of noticeable sebum right then and there, they don’t help in the long run… And I’m not doing them ever again. So, how do you get rid of all kinds of blemishes and clear your skin right up? Easy! Let me introduce you to something we like to call Oil Cleansing. [ Scroll below for an amazing Moisture Mist giveaway for you to WIN ] This one trick will clear your skin right up…