Staying organised is a must for me. Why? Because I’ve got 3 big things going on in my life – 1 job, and 2 businesses (including this blog). So how do I do it? Find out below!

Frank Stationery – Project Planner
Lucky Girl Tees (that’s my new business!!)


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A 28 year old digital content specialist and blogger from Auckland, New Zealand. Christine loves writing, styling expensive new outfits, reviewing beauty products galore, and dabbles in snowboarding during winter. She loves her mum dearly, best friends uncontrollably, and boyfriend fiercely. There's also her cats Teddy and TinTin, but don't get her started on how cute they are.


  1. This was a great video – I’m trying to be more organised with my blog. I was really good for a while and planned ahead with everything. I like the journal!

    • Oh thank you so much, Lovely 🙂 The journal is great, and something that is REALLY keeping me on task.

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